Newaya has 1,000 iPhone 6 RTS

Hi, I'm Brennan and I started Newaya in 2012. It's a beautiful week in Colorado and we have lots of tested iPhone 6 to sell you. What's RTS you say? READY TO SHIP!

Newaya has over 1,000 functional and damaged iPhone 6 units in-stock, and we're testing several hundred more every day. We're looking for customers that are interested in graded, tested damaged models.

We list specific conditions like:
- cracked glass
- broken LCD
- third party frame
- third party screen
- broken home button
- broken power button
- broken digitizer
- wrong screen color
- bent frame

and several dozen more.

If you're interested, please contact our sales manager Will Minton at sales [at] newaya [dot] com.

Newaya has 1,000 iPhone 6 RTS

If anyone wants a stress-free way to increase their margins on this damaged inventory. Reach out here! My company focuses on wholesale refurbishing solutions. Thanks!