Apple Watch the most anticipated wearable, PwC study finds

Oct 21, 2014 (Updated Jan 12, 2016) Cellpex, United States, Ohio - admin

PricewaterhouseCoopers has published a study on the smart wearables market, which shows that the Apple Watch is the most hotly anticipated device. 59% of people questioned said they are looking forward to trying the first Apple smartwatch.

A potential smartwatch by Amazon would also enjoy significant interest - 57% of the survey participants would like to see the retail giant come up with its own wearable. Google-powered devices aren't that far behind with 53% interest.

Of course with Android Wear smartwatches already on sale for a few months, chances are plenty of people have already jumped on board and aren't on the waiting list anymore. In fact, according to the study one in five US adults already own a smart wearable of one kind of another, which means that pioneers have been handsomely rewarded for their speed.

However, 33% of those early adopters have abandoned their purchasing device within one year so there's obviously huge potential for improving. 76% of all respondents said that they don't see the smart wearables as a potential replacement for a gadget they already have - instead it should serve to bring new functionality.

There's obviously huge potential in the smart wearable niche at present given the sheer number of large players that aim to participate and the amount of marketing dollars they bring to it. We'll have to wait for at least another year until for things to settle down before we find out who manages to get the largest slice of the pie,...

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