Large Quantity of A+ A grade Cell phone

Inventory Ready to Ship Updated in 03/01/2019 Apple Iphone 6/16gb/AB Iphone 6s/16gb/A+ Iphone 6s/16gb/A Iphone 6s/16gb/AB Iphone 6s/32gb/AB Iphone 6s/64gb/AB Iphone 6s PLUS/ 16gb/B Iphone 7 PLUS/128gb/AB Iphone 7 PLUS/256gb/AB Iphone 8/64gb/A+ Iphone 8 PLUS/64gb/A+ Iphone 8 PLUS/64gb/A Iphone 8 PLUS/64gb/AB Iphone 8 PLUS/256gb/A Samsung Note 5/64gb/AB Note 8/64gb/A S6 Active/ 32gb/ AB S7 /32gb/AB S7 edge/32gb/AB S8 PLUS/64gb/A S9/64gb/AB All model ready to ship. If you interested, contact me how many QTY you want.

01 Mar 2019 18:21