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May 01, 2012 (Updated Jan 31, 2018) Cellpex, United States, Ohio - admin

Target with Google Adwords
Create text ads or rich-media campaigns in minutes

Google AdWords provides several advantages: immediate visibility, complete accountability, budget flexibility and analytics.
Setup and manage your campaign in minutes with your

To start your  please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your  Google AdWords Account
  2. Click the Campaigns tab at the top, and choose the campaign you want to edit or create a new campaign with Display Network.
  3. Go to your Display Network tab and click + Targeting and select an ad group.
  4. Click the "Add targeting" drop-down menu and select "Placements." then enter and add to your placements. Don't forget to Close and Save to add to your placements ad group. Quick TutorialGoogle Help

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