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We are a global distributor of used graded smartphones, specializing in Samsung, LG, and Motorola mid-range models. All phones that we sell as functional are processed and tested in our Baltimore facility, and are graded to the highest industry standards. We are looking for new customers to develop long term business relationships with. Please contact me for our complete inventory list and to see how we can work together. Daniel Farzan CG Phones Cell/Whatsapp +18183245380

Hi We are looking for Small or Large Lots of DOA iPhones Please contact me sales at or WhatsApp 8592403028 USA Thanks!

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At Syljos Mobile, we focus on delivering top quality service and giving you a memorable experience . We provide range of brands and models at reasonable prices for all categories of resellers with flexible shipping options and 100% satisfaction & safety on all transactions. There is a chance for small scale resellers and we are willing to work with upcoming entrepreneurs. A/B Grade, Good Cosmetics condition, there is an MOQ based on the volume of purchase. We have brand new US/EU SPECS i6,i6S,i6Plus.i6Splus,i7,i7plus,i7R,i8,i8Plus and the new iPhone for full price list. (21 days return policy). We also deal pre-owned phones with the standard US- Grading system . Grades A,B,C and D. We have reasonable quantities of each model, to buy email syljosinvestmentllc {@} outlook {dot} com or call/text/whatsapp (+1) 617-752 2314

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