Return of Low Power GSM

Dean Bubley submits: About two years ago, there was a sudden buzz of excitement around a new
spectrum auction in the UK - referred to as "low power GSM", it
represented a sliver of frequencies that were formerly a "guard band"
between GSM @ 1800MHz and DECT. There wasn't enough spectrum to build
out a national network, and it was expected that instead it would just
be used for low-power indoor coverage, typically with picocells. And
rather than selling the spectrum to a single operator, it was suggested
that multiple indoor providers could share it - with operators expected
to work with each other to avoid interference.

Ofcom sold 11 LPGSM licences for quite low prices, to an eclectic range of companies, from BT (BT) and C&W though to Swedish operator Spring and some very random ones like Philippines Long Distance Telecom.Complete Story »

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