WTS: GSM unlocked S5,S6, S6E, S7, S7E, note 5 good price!

WTS: Canadian spec GSM unlocked. supports all LTE bands. 2G, 3G, 4G same as tmobile and att.

all phones are fully tested/ functional. unlocked.
comes wuth 30 days warranty

we are offering A+, A and AB stock of the following models:

S5 G900W8

S6 32GB G920W8

S6 Edge G925W8 32GB

S7 G930W8 32GB

S7 Edge 32GB G935W8

N5 N920W8 32GB

for more information about this stock or other phones please contact:

Tal Ayash
email: tal @ valor-intl.com
whatsapp# +1 347-737-7656