Motorola Delivers Profit, Android-Powered Future Awaits

Larry Dignan (ZDNet) submits: Motorola (MOT) reported a slight third quarter profit and projected better-than-expected fourth quarter earnings. But Motorola’s real prospects going forward will depend on how many Android devices it can sell. Sanjay Jha, co-CEO of Motorola, said the company met its commitment to deliver Android devices. Now consumers just have to show up. In many respects, Motorola’s third quarter is anticlimactic (statement). The results—a profit of $12 million, or a penny a share—reversed a loss from a year ago and topped Wall Street estimates for a break-even quarter. Excluding a charge, Motorola had a profit of 2 cents a share. Revenue for the third quarter was $5.45 billion, down from $7.48 billion a year ago.Complete Story »

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