They say: 'Unlocking your phone is illegal and could land you in jail'

Feb 04, 2013 (Updated Mar 13, 2013) Expenxier Corporation, United States, FL - Expenxier

They say: ``Unlocking your phone is illegal and could land you in jail”
Effective January 2013 the unlocking of your smartphone may possibly land you in jail. Last October, the US library of Congress determined that under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) an exemption in regards to smartphones no longer applied. What is the DMCA you ask? It’s the law that makes it illegal for consumers to break region encryptions on DVDs so that they may watch them from their device of choice and prohibits the creation of Binary copies.
Landing in the grey area of this revised law first stands the clause of purchase meaning if you brought your phone before January 26, 2013 it doesn’t apply to you. Secondly, customers may unlock their device with the permission of their carrier. However, regardless to if your network provider or manufacturer likes it or not, as a consumer it’s technically STILL LEGAL to jailbreak your smartphone. You have every right to use legally obtained software on your device.
Bizarrely enough, it isn’t at all clear as to the penalties consumers can face for ignoring the revised law or the procedure in which authorities intend on enforcing it. As wholesalers in this rapidly growing telecommunications era, we believe that you have the right to use your device anyway you deem necessary. As it appears history repeats itself whereas the laws are always 1 step behind the technology.
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i believe that you should have the right to have an unblocked cell phone provided that you have paid for it in full!

You paid for its your, do whatever you want.

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