How to successfully trade cell phones

Mar 18, 2009 (Updated Jun 13, 2011) Cellpex, United States, Ohio - Support

    You may be able to find a new business opportunity or profit growth by finding partners locally or directly importing goods from overseas.
    This can be complicated, but it can pay off in both immediate profit and long-term success. The process is becoming easier and easier thanks to the trend of globalization and advances in the international trade technology.  
    Cellpex trading board represent a step forward toward your premium sourcing needs.

    We have defined 10 steps of successful trading on Cellpex, many of you might be familiar with these steps and are welcome to post your comments at the end.

    1. Find the models and stocks you’re interested in. Browse freely or refine your search using the Advanced Search options.  It's recommended to register first and start sourcing after. This will enable you to post a purchase requests which will be available online immediately and check some of the members’ details. You will surely find great business opportunities.  Also, browsing the Members Directory might reveal local business opportunities.
    2. Establish a relationship with the potential suppliers. Choose between the available selling offers then contact the right seller with your inquiries. It's recommended to background check the sellers. Check the members feedback score and reputation on our trading board. It's safer to trade with TrustReady certified members, look for the green star. You can use our Forum or perform a Business Blacklist Search for additional info. Also, you may Google it. Gather all necessary information and prepare for placing a trial order first even if the seller scores high.
Discuss with the seller all the details of your future transaction using our messaging system only.

       Note:  A paid subscription is required to unlock all the features of trading succesfully on Cellpex.
    3. Understand trade terms and use them. Before placing any order, you need to confirm with the supplier about shipment terms. As Cellpex is an international trading board, it is very important to understand the International Commercial Terms - INCOTERMS .  Most popular are FOB and CIF, as well as payment terms. These are closely related to your landing cost calculation and risk assessment. You can consult an import management company and a freight forwarder for detail break-down on the costs and risks. You can also use an import management company to negotiate the trade terms.

    4. Do your homework on compliance issues. You need to understand the relevant import compliance regulations beforehand. Besides customs and border protection, other government authorities also regulate the importation. It is highly recommended to consult a customs house broker before placing any order.  In time you will surely gain enough experience to fasten this process.

    5. Select a forwarder and customs house broker. It is highly recommended that you go to your local international trade organization/association and customs office to find the list of all licensed companies that provide this type of service. Visit them, and select the one you like. For the first time importer, use more individualized services, because you need more attention than you would expect.

    6. Place a trial order with a written purchase order if everything goes well. In the purchase order, besides typing out a detailed description of the products and trade terms, list all needed shipping documents.

    7. Appoint an inspection company to check your goods on site in the factory, and give you a detailed report. This is usually done a few days before the expected shipment, so you can address any issues that would be raised. This will allow you to avoid receiving defective or non-conforming goods.

    8. Track the transportation and customs clearance. Your forwarder and customs broker should take care of your transportation and customs clearance. However, you also need to track the process and assistance, such as providing additional products information and endorsing bill of landing. You need to issue a power of attorney to your broker and purchase customs bond for your importation.

    9. Receive the products and keep the records. Now you can go to your next step to sell your products and make profit. Now you are on the right track.
    10. Leave Feedback. Feedback is an important part of successful trading on Cellpex. Leaving honest comments gives members a good idea of what to expect when dealing with each other. As it helped you it will surely helps other too.