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Re: Phone supplier needed

( 11 Aug 2009 11:58 )

GENUINE APPLE IPHONES, NEVER LOCKED, BNIB,EURO VERSION 3GS 32gb $660.00 ea. USD 50 MOQ 16gb $590.00 3G 8gb $410.00 3G 16gb $550.00 3GS 32 gb and 3GS 16gb models available in Black and White. 3G 16gb and 3G 8gb only available in Black. Apple Iphones, Never Locked, BNIB, Euro version, Factory Sealed 1 year apple warranty. For Orders of 50 units to 250 units, the COD option at a Helmann's Bonded Warehouse, with worldwide locations, is available. Payment Method(s): T/T; COD at Warehouse immediately after inspection. Purchase Order (PO) and Proof of Funds (POF) are required in advance of shipping phones to warehouse. Shipping (FOB) to the warehouse is paid by the Seller. Shipping from the warehouse to third party or to final destination is Paid by Buyer. Buyer has the option of taking the phones with him. Shipping (FOB) is paid by seller on all direct orders . For Orders more than 250 units Payment methods are T/T, Lawyer to Lawyer Escrow Agreement, LOC. On larger orders, sometimes shipments may be divided and shipped in increments of 250 units to the warehouse, a few days apart. Purchase Order is required for all orders. NO POF is required for T/T payment on direct order; NO POF required on payment method using the Lawyer to Lawyer Escrow Agreement; and NO POF required on the LOC method. Approximate delivery date is 8 to 12 business days. There are times when the supply is lower than others, due to demands in the market, but we will do everything we can to supply everyone in a timely manner. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you Daniel Moser


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