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Join the CELLPEX group on LinkedIN
Announcements - Feb 01, 2012 (Updated Mar 20, 2013) by Cellpex admin    

The wholesale group is part of the Cellpex Trade Network.  Add your LinkedIN account to your Cellpex account and join our wholesale group. Trade smart phones, tablet Read more >>

Nokia 808 PureView in focus: An interview with Damian Dinning
Industry News - Feb 29, 2012 by Cellpex admin    

The Nokia 808 PureView certainly made a splash at MWC 2012, pinning the company back on the cameraphone map in an extremely advantageous position. We had Nokia's Damian Dinning tell us more about his t Read more >>

March shipments of 4G mobile phones to reach over 1 million
Industry News - Feb 29, 2012 by Cellpex admin    

Mobile phone makers Samsung and HTC both target 4G phone shipments in March to exceed one million units. Shipments in second-quarter 2012 are likely to reach 5-10 million units. Suppliers such as Qualcomm, Broa Read more >>

Low-cost smartphones may cannibalize feature phone market, says MediaTek executive
Industry News - Feb 29, 2012 by Cellpex admin    

Low-cost smartphones may soon begin to cannibalize the market for feature phones as the former devices are affordable enough to attract more consumers in emerging markets, particularly China, according to Hsieh Read more >>

GSMA Awards announced, here are the winners (cough, Samsung)
Industry News - Feb 29, 2012 by Cellpex admin    

The Oscars were last Sunday, but the GSM Oscars - the Global Mobile Awards - were last night in Barcelona. Some went home with prestigious awards, others didn't get quite what they wanted and others still Read more >>

The phones of Mobile World Congress 2012
Industry News - Feb 28, 2012 by Cellpex admin    

BARCELONA, Spain--Attendees of the Mobile World Congress trade show here were deluged with a flood of new handsets. Vendors ranging from Nokia (NYSE:NOK) to HTC to ZTE announced new wares, ranging from the Andr Read more >>

Mobile World Congress 2012 coverage
Industry News - Feb 28, 2012 by Cellpex admin    

The Mobile World Congress 2012 is moving at breakneck speed and, as we're bringing you all the latest news, scoops and device specifications from the showroom floor here in Barcelona, things are bound Read more >>

The Engadget Interview: Nokia VP of Industrial Design Stefan Pannenbecker
Industry News - Feb 27, 2012 by Cellpex admin    

Today at Mobile World Congress we spent a few minutes talking with Stefan Pannenbecker, VP of Industrial Design at Nokia about Espoo's past, present and future handsets -- including the just announced 808 Read more >>

MWC 2012: Various brands overview
Industry News - Feb 27, 2012 by Cellpex admin    

This year's MWC saw some selective releases from brands which either did not have a press event, or are simply lesser-known. ZTE made its presence felt by releasing a new flagship device. Fujitsu impre Read more >>

Ultratech Computers LLC
Trade Voices - Feb 27, 2012 by Ultra tech computers LLC Ultratech    

We Located in Miami Florida Doral whorehouse Office in Miami beachFeb 27 In stock  to March 5  SamsungSamsung in Stock Blackberry in Stock Motorola in stock Lg in Stock Call to verify model and availa Read more >>